Conditions of sales

Conditions of Sales

‘’These General Terms and Conditions governing the commercial activity of ALIANNA LIU SAS, whose registered office is located at 25 place de la Madeleine, registered with the RCS of PARIS under the number 841866809 (The Seller). ‘'

In accordance with Article L441-6 of the French Commercial Code, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (Terms of sales) constitute the sole basis of the commercial relationship between the parties. Their purpose is to define the conditions in which the Seller provides the Buyer with all the Products offered by the Seller.

They also define the conditions in which the Seller sells all of his offered Services.
The terms of sales apply without reserve or restriction to sales concluded between the Seller and the Purchasers, whatever the stipulations that may appear in the general conditions of purchase possibly established by the Purchasers.
Any order of Products implies the acceptance by the Buyer of terms of sales and the Terms of Use of the Seller's website for orders via the Seller's website.
The fact that the Seller does not avail himself of any of the clauses contained in these terms of sales cannot be interpreted as a waiver to use it later.
The Seller may agree with a Buyer of particular conditions of sale derogating from the terms of sales
These terms of sales are valid for an unlimited period of time, up to any modifications made by the Winder.

Terms of order

The Buyer from the Seller may place orders by any means.
Orders must be confirmed in writing by means of a purchase order signed by the Buyer.
Sales are not final, even if taken through the intermediary of sales representatives or employees, unless expressly accepted in writing by the Seller of the order issued by the buyer; this acceptance can be materialized by sending an email, an SMS or a mail.

Minimum amount

There are no minimum order amount is required by the Seller.
If the Buyer wishes to modify his order, his request can be taken into consideration only if it reaches the Seller in writing before the dispatch of the Products and for the Services before the date of commencement of the service determined by the Seller.
The benefit of the order is granted to the Buyer only and may not be assigned without the Seller's consent.


Price details

Products and Services are provided at the rates in effect on the day of placing the order or in the specific commercial proposal that may be sent to the Buyer. Rates are firm and non-revisable throughout their period of validity, indicated by the Seller.
The applicable VAT is the VAT in force on the day of placing the order; any change in the rate may be reflected in the price of the Products.
Any tax, duty or other benefit payable under the French regulations or those of an importing country or a transit country shall be accepted by the Purchaser.
Prices are in euros and do not include:
- Taxes (excluding VAT)
- Packaging
- Transportation
- Insurance
- Customs fees
All additional costs, charges, taxes and/or duties payable in any given country, under whatever title, to the Products ordered under these Conditions are the exclusive responsibility of the Consumer. 
The Consumer hereby declares that where, at the time the order is placed with the Seller, the former is unaware of the costs, charges, taxes and/or duties referred to in paragraph above, this shall not constitute grounds for termination of this contract and shall under no circumstances be charged to the Seller. 


No discount will be charged by the Seller in the event of payment of the Products ordered before the date of payment appearing on the invoice or in a period less than that envisaged by the terms of sales.

Discounts and refunds

The Seller does not give the Buyer any discounts or refunds, regardless of the quantity and regularity of orders.